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Palazzo Litta Cultura – Tuesday, 3 october 2017
Cortile d’Onore, Palazzo Litta

In collaboration with: Ponderosa Music&Art

For the first time in Italy, the Japanese composer, percussionist, performative artist passionate about painting Midori Takada inaugurates the musical season of Palazzo Litta Cultura on Tuesday 3 October at 8.30PM.
Born with a great sensitivity for Japanese ceremonial and a keen interest in meditative music, she takes part in the ambient and fourth world music period explored by artists such as John Hassel, Don Cherry and Brian Eno.
Her in-depth research into the traditional percussion language of Asia and Africa is recorded in a number of albums, such as her masterpiece Through the looking glass (1981 / RCA) and her collaboration with Masahiko Satoh Lunar Cruise (1990 / Epic-Sony), both remastered in 2017.
Midori Takada’s music collects rhythms from around the world, transforming them into a dreamlike and rarefied atmosphere, through minimalist instruments such as the marimba and a variety of percussion such as glass, wood, bells and drums.

photo credits Fabio Bortot
Midori Takada
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