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Elisa Ossino is an architect, stylist and interior designer. Her research is focused on designing interiors, set-ups, sets and visual identities. Born in Sicily, she trained in Milan, where she studied at Politecnico. In the year 2000, she established Elisa Ossino Studio, an operating network that takes care of art direction, design and styling and collaborates with the main design magazines and companies. Her works combines geometrical abstraction, monochromes, metaphysical and surrealist references, giving birth to a coherent and allusive relationship between space, light, and objects. A sort of scenografic suspence inspires Elisa’s style, bringing in every project a peculiar form of levity. In her designs, her distinctive feature prefers essential lines and geometries, with a deep focus on proportions and archetypical shapes.
Next to her Studio activity, Elisa Ossino pursues a research that brought her to create together with other partners, in 2004, a kids design brand, Nume, for which she designed the furniture collection along with its visual identity. In 2010, she established with others the Officina Temporanea project, combining design and artistic expressions, with a particular attention to social contents. In her recent explorations, there is a renovated interest for visual arts and multimedias’ potential linguistics.

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A Matter of Perception 2017 – Palazzo Litta
Partner: Desalto | DePadova| Living Divani | nya nordiska
Technical Partners: Foscarini | Gubi | Knoll | Lea Ceramiche | Rubelli | texturae
| &tradition

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