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Bagni Misteriosi - Parenti District - Teatro Franco Parenti Around The Water Eros Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano Outdoor Diversity Konstfack University of Crafts, Arts and Design Manifest Pine Malmstens Linköping University


Teatro Parenti

via Pier Lombardo, 14, Milano
9 – 14 Aprile 2019

For the occasion of Milano Design Week – from April 9th to 14th – for the first time, Teatro Franco Parenti will host an event dedicated to design and the themes of design. Around the Water, curated by Moscapartners with the participation of Swedish magazine, Rum, is the initiative that will involve the exterior spaces of the Theatre, whose main framework is made up of Bagni Misteriosi.

The Rooms House, located on the platform of the pool of Bagni Misteriosi, is a 7m x 7m modular house for a total of 49m2, that means to invite reflection on the domestic environments of the future. The house was conceived as a location to satisfy the demands of contemporary life and to think about the spaces with respect to mobility and flexibility, in a daily environment in continuous change. In this particular layout, the modular structure is applied on a horizontal plane. The stairway, located at the center, reveals the possibility to develop the same design in vertical format.

To complete the experiential path, director Fabio Cherstich, young Italian talent of the theatre scene, has choreographed a performance that will be offered during the entire period of the event. Moving | The pool pavilion is a continuous cyclical action that ironically reflects on the creative possibilities of living in a versatile space: the performers of the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan perform a series of actions. The spectators can experience the performance from poolside, participating in compositions and micro-situations that narrate the idea of living in, furnishing, composing and breaking down a space.

The event continues with the exhibitions dedicated to the best emerging Scandinavian designers, enriched by the contribution of the students of Konstfack University of Crafts, Arts and Design in Stockholm and the Malmstens Linköping University in Lidingö, the only two public universities in Sweden.

The Università di Konstfack has chosen to explore a very current theme with the Outdoor Diversity exhibition, offering a new point of view on how to create an outdoor environment that meets social and geographic needs: the public furnishings are often similar, tending to be uniform even if the purposes are different. The idea behind this route seeks to give back an offering that deviates from this practice.

The students of Malmstens Linköping, with the Manifest Pine exhibition, propose reclaiming the role of urban furnishings and restoring their value to public spaces, which are frequently overlooked: the students involved, all in their last year of study, launch a challenge to research a new type of public seating that takes account of the surrounding environment and becomes its symbol.

An Evening of Design Delight takes place on Wednesday April 10 at 6 pm. It is a talk promoted by the magazine RUM, and conducted by Marcus Huber – CEO of Fogia – with students and alumni of the universities present in the event programme.

To give continuity to the dialogue with the new generations of designers, the Eros exhibit is offered in which the study explores the works of the student’s workshop of the Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano (School of Design of the Milan Polytechnical), conducted by Michele De Lucchi, Francesca Balena Arista and Mario Greco. This reflection places emphasis on an anthropological theme, considered in a broad sense, and explored through thirteen design models, together with accompanying videos. The research and creation of the exhibition was supervised by Marco De Santi, Marta Cecchi and Giuseppe Arezzi.

Thursday, April 11, at 5 pm, Michele De Lucchi will conduct a talk entitled Design is Eros: Models. The reflection on the concept of Eros will be juxtaposed with the themes of the new workshop currently taking place at the Politecnico, dealing with the theme of rebellion, intended as a positive mental attitude aimed at the change and improvement of things.

The dressing cabins of Bagni Misteriosi become true exhibition spaces in which a group of Swedish companies will present an iconic product that they have produced. Materia, a brand known for seating, brings its iconic Omni chair, designed by Carl Öjerstam, a classic furnishing that condenses form and beauty to the maximum; Ogeborg shows the Napa collection by Note Design Studio, a series of handwoven carpets in wool and viscose; Nola Industries shows the Kaskad armchair, designed by Björn Dahlström and awarded important recognitions thanks to the line that calls to mind contemporary art combined with more austere materials; Fogia is the multi award-winning Swedish furnishing company that offers Bollo, the armchair designed by Adreas Engesvik, to the programme, inspired by archetypal forms far from the image of the classic seat; Holmquist Design is an internationally famous brand that has given rise to many companies; Attila Suta began with a broken skateboard twenty-five years ago, and today creates interior furnishings that have been on the list of Royal court suppliers for five years; Cake Bike creates custom-made electric bicycles, characterised by a fun aesthetic combined with lightness and speed; Dahl Agenturer has created carpets for private and non-private architecture since the 1970s, with a surprising range of colours and great attention to detail; Fjällräven shows the Kånken Art line, in which the famous rucksacks, comfortable and resistant, offer colour combinations inspired by the visual arts; Johanson Design shows the Frankie chair, created from the Färg & Blanche design, whose covering is inspired by garter belts. For the illumination of these spaces we have Foscarini to thank, a precious partner for the Magneto lamps designed by Giulio Iacchetti, which illuminate the selection of objects on display; Ekdahls presents Joiner, an ash or birch wooden chair designed by Joel Karlsson; Jangir Maddadi provides creative pieces for public and private spaces, such as the Saddle chair, created with the intention of giving back the love for history and passion for craftsmanship.

Around the Water at Bagni Misteriosi allows a panoramic view of the production in all of its facets: the design of today, represented by companies and by generations of emerging designers, and the design of tomorrow, developed in the creative inspiration of the students.

The project partners are Swedish Wood, Glänta Design – Outdoor and furniture and Exercise Equipment and JCS Snickeri.

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