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The Litta Variations

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – News #5/2019 – Mason Editions, Kober, Arcade ed Ecole Camondo

The Litta Variations / Opus 5
9 – 14 April 2019

Moving on through the Piano Nobile, The Litta Variations / Opus 5 presents the collections of Mason Editions, Kober, Arcade and Ecole Camondo.

Mason Editions enters Palazzo Litta to present its latest range of lighting, furnishings and accessories in a new selection of finishes. The collection stands out for the versatility of the objects, the unique combination of materials used and the exquisite craftsmanship. For Palazzo Litta, the artistic director of Mason Editions, Matteo Fiorini, has designed an installation with rigorous, minimal volumes, where each single object takes the centre of its own dedicated stage. The works designed by Martina Bartoli, Serena Confalonieri and Matteo Fiorini are here shown in all their glory and dialogue with the sumptuous surroundings of the palazzo’s interior.


MASON EDITIONS | Lotus by Serena Confalonieri

German company Kober has been producing technical porcelain for over 100 years. Here, in collaboration with Olivari, the well-known Italian producer of door handles, Kober presents its range of production possibilities. The exhibition shows the work of 11 German design studios that were invited to invent new door handle concepts using porcelain. The participating studios are Sarah & Henrik Böttger, Studio Mark Braun, Uli Budde, Studio Kai Linke, Laura Jungmann, Design Studio Niruk, Studio Jonathan Radetz, Talbot & Mauloubier, Thomas Schnur, Studio Martha Schwindling, KOBER / Beate Wich-Reif.
The exhibition also gives an overview of the range of production methods offered by this technical ceramics factory that focuses on surface and a variety of dimensions.


KOBER | Enter Porcelain by Benjamin Kube

Moving on we come to Imprints, the exhibition of Murano glass objects designed for Arcade by Ivan Baj and Marcello Panza. The title of the show refers to the creation process behind each piece and represents the perfect equilibrium between the designers’ imagination and the artisan’s skill when they bring each concept to life in the glassworks. Each of the works is displayed on a plinth, the simplicity of which highlights the different approaches and creative journeys of each designer.


ARCADE | Anemone by Ivan Baj

Ecole Camondo transforms the usually undefined space of the Copper Room into a set in action, positioned between the Main Courtyard and the garden. Teatro del giorno. 6 days, 6 settings change for scenarios is a theatre complete with stage and scenery in which a permanent mutation of the space created by the students takes place under the direction of Mathilde Bretillot. This exhibition is produced in partnership with TIPTOE, a contemporary furniture brand, and with the support of Elitis, Cosentino and Adm.


ECOLE CAMONDO | Teatro del giorno

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