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The Litta Variations

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – News #8/2019 – Jaipur Rugs, AlvinT, Babled Design, Atelier de Troupe, Kawashima Selkon Textiles

The Litta Variations / Opus 5
9 – 14 April 2019

As we proceed on our journey theough The Litta Variations | Opus 5 we meet more exciting new installations.

Among the shows at Palazzo Litta is the acrobatic installation of Jaipur Rugs, one of India’s leading producers of hand-knotted carpets, that has joined forces with designer Matteo Cibic to take you on an eclectic, experiential journey to Rajasthan. The vibrant collection of hand-made carpets on show is inspired by the designer’s visit to Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan. To develop the designs, Cibic worked closely with a local artist and drew on the ancient paintings, peculiar architecture and strong colours that so characterize the city.


JAIPUR RUGS | Jaipur Wunderkammer by Matteo Cibic

Moving from the courtyard towards the Piano Nobile we find the installation by AlvinT featuring the brand’s latest collection of furniture and accessories that explore the exotic yet contemporary qualities of rattan. The interesting relationship between the pieces and their surroundings gives a sense of “a new-chapter” in the use of rattan which here has a fresh and contemporary feel. The pieces on show are hand made and are designed by Alvin Tjitrowirjo who chose to use Karuun rattan to ensure both durability and a unique aesthetic finish.


ALVINT | Bhuana Lounge by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

The new project by Babled Design focuses on materials, processes and social environments promoting sustainable design projects as an alternative to mass production. The pieces of furniture and lighting featured combine traditional craftsmanship with digital technologies and are a preview of the new online platform The installation by Emmanuel Babled is inspired by the Stairs of Honour and the Editions presented on this occasion will be the first to make their grand entrance onto the new online platform, new Editions and a few variations on the iconic designs by Emmanuel Babled.



Atelier de Troupe dives into 70’s Neo-Noir Hollywood. Gabriel Abraham, a former set designer, imagines seating and lighting inspired by Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye”. Chromed tubular forms dressed in leather or fused with glass create a cinematic and mysterious collection.


ATELIER DE TROUPE | L.A. Noir by Atelier De Troupe

Founded in Kyoto, Kawashima Selkon Textiles has been a renowned textile producer for 176 years. The company uses a combination of traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create curtains for the theatre and traditional festivals, interior fabrics for hotels and public facilities as well as the obi – the sash famously worn with the Japanese kimono. For its debut at Milan Design Week and at Palazzo Litta, the company has chosen to show one of the most symbolic motifs of the Rimpa school of art – the Hyakka, or “A Hundred Flowers” by the painter and designer Kamisaka Sekka. The motif is reproduced on a number of different materials and textiles in a surprising installation that explores the relationships between art, craft and industry.


KAWASHIMA SELKON TEXTILES | Hyakka Karanishiki by Kamisaka Sekka

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