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The Litta Variations

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – News #3/2019 – Allermuir, Lithea, Squid

The Litta Variations / Opus 5
9 – 14 April 2019

As you make your way into the other rooms of the Piano Nobile, The Litta Variations / Opus 5 continues to surprise with the installations showcased in this edition.

The Hall of Mirrors has been totally redefined by Cove, an exhibition that presents the new products of the British furniture brand Allermuir, designed by Benjamin Hubert, British industrial designer and founder LAYER. LAYER is a creative agency focussed on experience-driven design in both the physical and digital worlds. Allermuir gives us a preview of the multi-award-winning AXYL collection in a visually light space with minimal interconnected frameworks draped in Kvadrat textiles to form soft photography curve backdrops.


ALLERMUIR | AXYL Chair by Benjamin Hubert

LITHEA presents Innesti Mediterranei / Living (Mediterranean Grafts), an installation by Martinelli Venezia Studio that showcases the latest products created by the Sicilian company. The furniture on show is fruit of the collaboration between designer Elena Salmistraro and the Martinelli Venezia design studio. The title of the collection evokes the special bond that the designers have with the Mediterranean, a place of exploration, discovery and cultural contamination. By drawing on the cultural and artisanal heritage of the region, traditional techniques have been used in a totally contemporary way. In this collection it is the materials, the natural and precious stone that Lithea works with such expertise, that really take centre stage.


LITHEA | Tarsie geometriche by Martinelli Venezia

Glasshouse of Textiles is a conceptual installation featuring a glass and textile structure in the traditional shape of a house. The installation dominates the centre of a small yet historic room creating a house within a house. The fine lines of the structure subtly blend in with the surroundings creating a play on solid and void space, of transparency and veiled concealment, as the five colours of Squid textiles that are applied to the glass panels create different levels of density and volume. Lastly, the entrances and doors allow you to enter the installation to experience the atmosphere within and to discover the versatility of the glass textiles.


SQUID | Glasshouse of Textiles

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