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Koz+Susani Design – Defne Koz, Marco Susani

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – Palazzo Litta, Milan

In collaborazione con: 1400° Mitterteich
Design by: Defne Koz

Gourmet Collections by Defne Koz
Designer Defne Koz is fascinated by haute cuisine and in particular by the art of “plating”. Like an artist painting onto a blank canvas or a director deciding how best to stage a play, chefs “plate” their recipes with the utmost care, as the look of a dish is almost as important to the experience as the taste. To design the collections Defne Koz treated the plates like a stage and the ingredients as actors. As well as exploring an array of sizes, from very large to very small, she also designed a series of special “chef” plates that create an even stronger focus on the food by placing it asymmetrically or by framing it with large borders. The designer thought of everything from the main ingredients and the sides to the dialogue between the spices in the recipe and the “design spices” on the plates right through to the decorations on the borders. The Gourmet Collections are designed to be a perfect stage for exquisite food and invite the culinary creativity of both professional and amateur chefs.

photo credits Ruy Teixeira
1400° Mitterteich
1400° Mitterteich
1400° Mitterteich
1400° Mitterteich
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