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Tempietto nel bosco Asif Khan Tempietto nel bosco Asif Khan Tempietto nel bosco Asif Khan Japan Creative Exhibition Japan Creative Enjoy the beauty of simplicity Nude Samotracia Mario Trimarchi for De Castelli Babled Design Limited Editions Emmanuel Babled La Scuola di Piazza Bausan - Politecnico di Milano Design is Eros Flos with Sarfatti Le Sfere di Gino Sarfatti Industrial Craft Ichendorf Good news from Brasil Sollos Heritage Vito Nesta for Limonta Ecal + Foscarini ECAL + Foscarini Another nordic - Between art and design Karakter + Bodil Kjaer Liquid Shape Studio LoHo Easy Life Hus&Dimora Leaving Room NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano Together: rugs and chairs Kristiina Lassus + Samuli Naamanka Rug Art by Jan Kath Jan Kath Open future Valli & Valli con AANT - Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie di Roma Il Viaggiator Goloso e Grandi Vigne Bistrot Iper, la Grande i e Unes Supermercati Office garden Manerba SWISS ❤ DESIGN Pro Helvetia

the litta variations

Palazzo Litta
Headquarters of Segretariato Regionale MiBACT for Lombardy

Corso Magenta 24, Milan
17 – 22 April 2018

In partnership with DAMN° Magazine

From April 17-22, Palazzo Litta, the historical landmark in the heart of Milan, takes center stage for contemporary design with the show The Litta Variations/4th Movement, a project curated by DAMN° and MoscaPartners. The past editions of the series A Matter of Perception had explored how everyday objects are perceived. As their titles suggest, the 2015 edition and the 2016 edition Products & Materials and Tradition & Technology, respectively, focused on products, materials, tradition and technology. The 2017 edition, Linking Minds, centered around projects born from meetings, collaborations, friendship, mutual trust and experience – achieving such noteworthy success that the last edition counted more than fifty thousand visitors.

The upcoming 2018 edition The Litta Variations/4th Movement is inspired by music practices and particularly by the formal technique of variation. From music to design, the challenge is to investigate the concept of variation in the creative processes of studios and brands.
The Great Courtyard of Palazzo Litta hosts Tempietto nel Bosco, an installation by the London-based studio Asif Khan debutting at Milan Design Week. Khan is renown for his exceptional projects which include the MegaFaces pavilion at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Coca Cola Beatbox at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the Summer House at the Serpentine Galleries in London, the Guggenheim Helsinki Plan, the U.K. Pavilion at the Expo 2017 in Astana, the Hyundai Pavillion in PyeongChang during the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the Museum of London in West Smithfield.

The wood-based installation for The Litta Variations/4th Movement, unique in the way in which it slants upwards, explores the natural element of the forest while simultaneously exploring the architecture of an open-air cathedral, an extension of the seventeenth-century structure of Palazzo Litta, which, by way of a matrix of interconnected rooms and corridors, leads to a space of tranquility and relaxation. “The intimate rooms are intended as a place to unwind and converse during the intense marathon that is Milan Design Week. A soft surface under the feet offers a textural contrast against the kilometers of pedestrian sidewalks across the city”, says Asif Khan.

Sponsoring Tempietto nel Bosco: Eterno Ivica / Van Den Weghe / Artemide / Living Divani.

The exhibition continues onto Palazzo Litta’s piano nobile, featuring a diverse selection of designers and brands from the international landscape.
The Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia presents SWISS ❤ DESIGN in the courtyard with a works by young and innovative studios whose style represents Swiss design, characterized by quality, functionality and innovation: Diiis Designstudio, Florian Hauswirth, Kollektiv vier, Alain Schibli, Schoenstaub and Egli Studio.

Design is Eros is the name of the design workshop currently being at Scuola del design of Politecnico di Milano inside the didactic experiments of Scuola di Piazza Bausan. This exhibition presents the preliminary videos made by students of the Interior Design Workshop, held by the teachers Michele De Lucchi, Francesca Balena Arista and Mario Greco under the supervision of Marta Elisa Cecchi, Marco De Santi e Giuseppe Arezzi. The theme is Eros with the meaning of seduction, attraction and gravitation pull. Exhibition partners: EletechPoltronova e Sygns.

Jan Kath throws strict design rules overboard while combining classic elements from oriental carpets with contemporary, minimalist design. At Palazzo Litta the german designer presents his latest abstracts of the collections Polonaise, Erased Heritage and Artwork: made of handcombed and hand-spun Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk, and stinging-nettle fibers and produced in a traditional manufacturing process, woven by hand.japan creative

The artisan tradition of the different Japan areas meets the research of international designers in the selection of Japan Creative, promoting the values of monozukuri internationally, a philosophy that combines Japanese aesthetics and technologies. On view are the HATO and KYU projects by the duo GamFratesi, ABCD by the London designer Faye Toogood and HOLLOW COOKING KNIFE by Swiss studio BIG GAME.

Foscarini, Italian company of reference on the international design scene in the field of lighting, presents a show dedicated to projects by second-year students specializing in the Master in Product Design at ECAL, University of Art and Design Lausanne. The students have worked on new lamp ideas developed around the concept of portable light and mobility, imagining how light can accompany our movements through space. The exhibition presents nine different projects, resulting of the work of nine young creatives.

Open Future installation is a collaboration with AANT, Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie di Roma. The tour will take visitors through various rooms in different styles, each one featuring the iconic models of Valli & Valli handles, from those that have made its history to the most recent. The tour ends with a mysterious room, a suspended place that sums up the sense of the whole journey and complements what is intended to be a real artistic installation focused on the concepts of the future.

Hus & Dimora‘s debut collection, an idea by the Italian-Brazilian designer Leo Di Caprio and Norwegian designer Petter Leiros. The Aka side tables are tailored to follow a very simple and practical manufacturing process, based on simple geometry. The three tables display a pure geometric shape, triangles and rectangles, as its structure, which is made with two parallel metal bars folded to form the shape and support the top.

In Another Nordic – Between art and design Danish design brand Karakter, specialized in the production of furniture, design objects, lighting and gallery pieces, showcase extraordinary personalities, featuring designers who have taken part in formulating the history of design, and those who aspire to shape its future. Sixty years of creativity – narrated by Paul McCobb and Bodil Kjær, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Joe Colombo, Angelo Mangiarotti, Aldo Bakker, PlueerSmitt and others. A focus is dedicated to the architect and designer Bodil Kjær and to her Elements of Architecture. Karakter and five other manufacturers will display Bodil Kjær reintroductions in the Yellow Room.

At Palazzo Litta, the brand Ichendorf, showcasing the work of the designers Studio Klass, Federico Angi, Maddalena Casadei, Pietro Russo and Mist-o will present a personal link between crafts and industry. The union between them will generate glass objects, that will go from borosilicated glass, to crystal glass and bubbled glass, producing a sense of serendipity beside the industrial production.

Heritage is a story that is as sensory as it is emotional; a tale that spans more than a century of history of the textiles and wallpaper brand Limonta. To interpret its spirit, designer Vito Nesta’s scenographic installation calls upon the viewer interact with the flashy tassels that protrude from the rolls of wallpaper, suggestive of the forms of a merry-go-round; antique books collect detailed tempera paintings of textures and patterns. The guests will have the hunch to interact with the scenography throwing, touching and observing the wallpaper.lassus e naamanka

Kristiina Lassus and NAAMANKA in the exhibition Together: Rugs and Chairs present new designs for the Kristiina Lassus artisan rugs and Samuli Naamanka chairs collection. Ancient traditions rest at the collection’s heart with Tibetan wools and Chinese silks painstakingly handknotted by craftspeople in Nepal. The Clash chair collection has found international success with its innovative production methods and original design language. Without any visible screws or welded joints, the base and seat are assembled by ‘clashing’ them together, hence the name.

A space designed to convey calm and elegance. That’s the concept beyond the installation conceived by Jader Almeida, Sollos’ art director and main designer, for Palazzo Litta. Good news from Brasil invites to a full immersion into brazilian brand: displayed on a platform, iconic pieces, new release and award. The journey continues in a second room, a lounge area where Sollos’ products come apart to become artworks.

Leaving Room is NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti project, curated by Dante Donegani, Valerio Sommella and Tianshu Shi, Scientific Advisor Italo Rota. NABA presents a prototype that investigates the potential offered by self driving allowing a slow use of what was once defined as the road: the city slows down and in return offers fluidity, sustainability and the ability to use travel time in a useful and pleasant way. Leaving Room is a project powered by Repower.

Le Sfere is the collection presented by Astep. Is the latest addition to the capsule collection Flos with Sarfatti, created in collaboration with FLOS. The collection is a tribute to Gino Sarfatti and a homage to his carrier: the 600 fixtures deesigned between 1939 and 1973 with a constant dedication to research and innovation, introducing new typologies, functions and light sources, from the fluorescent tubes to the first halogens.

nudeIn the majestic Sala degli Specchi, the brand Nude presents the collections designed in collaboration with established and emerging design talents, like the famous Ron Arad. The israeli architect and industrial designer designs for Nude the collection Concentrics; Sebastian Herkner will display Ecrin, a group of containers with vibrantly coloured lids inspired by the round stones of the Pyramids of Ritten. Nude will exhibit the mixology collections designed by Brad Ascalon e Youmeus.

Digit Art Light Regular in Mirrored Sky Blue and White Lattimo by Emmanuel Babled is composed of 23 spheres of Murano´s hand-blown glass. With the highest level of accuracy the elements barely gaze one another highlighting the harmony and solidity of the whole. The white spheres diffuse a soft light reflected by the coloured elements.

Samotracia is the motorcycle designed by Mario Trimarchi for De Castelli, a reflection on the aesthetics of movement. The design follows the forms of the body on the bike, giving the object a sense of the thrilling physical and mental tension of riding at high speeds. Over time, with the natural oxidation of the copper, the object is aligned with the time of the city, experienced in an eternally contemporary condition.

Studio LoHo was founded in 2017 and introduces its first collection named Kind of Oj during the Milano Design Week 2018. Liquid Shape is the project name of this young brand where the clay bathtubs ought to bring color in interiors that traditionally are dominated by one-sided colors.

Manerba is presenting the project Office Garden, based on the idea of flexible and comfortable spaces, easy to be re-organized following the people working needs. The products presented are: Apollo, a new office system green and sound absorbing with accessories from Shane Schneck; Undecided Collection, sofas and armchairs comfortable and sound absorbing designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen who design also tables, desk and table light system Litta.

In the Cortile d’Onore the visitors will be able to take a rest to the il Viaggiator Goloso and Grandi Vigne Bistrot, a place to taste the proposal of il Viaggiator Goloso e Grandi Vigne, the two exclusive brands of Gruppo Finiper, partner food & beverage and representatives of the Italian way of food and wine.

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