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We take care of the communication

We want to offer the highest satisfaction to our partners and visitors, so we take care of the event communication, both online and offline, creating an articulated and engaging communication strategy that passes through social media, newspapers, newsletters, an event guide, and signage.

Event brand identity

The graphic style used for each visual element, both online and offline, characterizes each event and guarantees a strong recognition all around the city.




Digital and printed handbook

For every event, we realize a digital and a printed event manual with a page dedicated to each participant, which explains the projects and the installation.




Event signage

We design and create the event signage that is coordinated for the entire exhibition. It is characterized by different billboards positioned at the beginning of every exhibitor installation to explain the project and present the company or designer.




Social media strategy

The social media strategy studied on different channels gives visibility to all our partners and exhibitors through publications before, during, and after the exhibition.




Periodic newsletters

In collaboration with our press office, we organize a series of newsletters during the year to raise public attention to the event and promote our partners.




Press releases

In collaboration with our press office, we plan press releases to promote the event and projects of every partecipants.




Opening Party

At the beginning of each event, we organize an opening party that increases the popularity and resonance of the event. Moreover, in case of request, a company can organize a private event or party during the week.

And after each event…

We create a report that we share with our partners with all the key numbers and statistics of the event in order to understand how the project went and who came to visit the exhibition. In the final report you will find:

Press and visitors passages

We keep track of how many journalists and visitors come, usually we see 40.000 people and 700 journalists.



Communication activity analysis

We analyze the percentage of engagement and reaches on social networks or whether any trends were established.


Picture of the installations

We analyze the percentage of engagement and reach on social networks to determine whether any trends were established.


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