Without innovation and research, design just will not exist.

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Mosca Partners curates and produces events for Design and Photography always looking for quality contents since 2011

Caterina Mosca and Valerio Castelli founded MoscaPartners in 2011 starting from their long experience in the design sector working for some of the most important international design brand.

Over the last years Mosca Partners is curating and producing events for Design and Photography setting new trends in the cities they were held in.

Moved by the desire to enrich and promote design culture

We want to spread innovative ideas by curating exhibitions and organizing events, intended not only for those with a professional interest in the design industry but also for a much wider public of enthusiasts. Wherever they are held, these events provide opportunities for cultural exchange on an international scale.

A story that started
in 2011

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We select the location


We design the event


We choose the main artist


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We organise the exhibition and manage the communication


We create a hub of sharing

Everything happen when passion is shared in collaboration with people

Mosca Partners chooses quality projects by companies and designers with a particular emphasis on innovative or thought-provoking ideas, and pairs them with inspiring locations that work in synergy with the contents of the exhibitions to promote not only the work on show, but the territory itself that is hosting the event.

Curator and Founder

Caterina Mosca

Event Coordinator

Giacomo Orlando

Communication and Social
Media Coordinator

Deborah Franceschini

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