Without innovation and research,

design just will not exist, this is

the reason for a new location.

The Garage in viale Gorizia 14

A 3.000 square meter garage, an icon of modern architecture, located in the historic
Darsena area of MIlan.
Hidden away in the city’s most intriguing corner, our new venue for Design Variations 2024
stands out for its captivating spaces.

A unique place to discover, explore, and admire, seamlessly merging with architectural
tributes that honor modern architecture.

In the heart of modern Milan, this location enjoys convenient access, being only a 15-minute
walk from the Duomo and 5 minutes from Porta Genova station, from where you can access
the railway network and the M2 metro line. It is also easily accessible by tram 9.

Nathalie du Pasquier’s site project

Nathalie Du Pasquier is a French-Milanese artist and designer best known for her work
as a founding member of the Memphis group. Her early work includes furniture, textiles,
clothing and jewellery models as well as iconic works in decoration and neo-modelling.

Since 1987, she has devoted herself constantly to painting.
She will be involved in the project: “I will intervene in the entrance through the use of
painted panels, continuing my experimentation on the walls as elements of architecture”.

Park Associati exhibition space project

Park Associati is transforming the interior space of a 3,000-square-metre garage with a
creative modular hemp-cement brick design.

The advantages of using dry-stacked bricks include: ambitious and ecological solutions
and the creation of fluid and flexible architectural elements.
It also allows for a circular economy through the reuse of bricks after the event.

What will happen at Design Variations 2024?

Participating designers