VIBRATIONS. The voice of matter

Marble and man, hand and stone: a thousand-year old, almost sacred relationship translated by NEUTRA into furnishings that become the focal points of an installation that reveals their unprecedented vibrations. The rhythm of the set-up is marked by mirroring elements that create a dialogue with the baroque frame of the space and bring out the shapes and surfaces of the furnishings. The details are amplified through plays on reflections, as subtle visual distortions generate an enhanced perception of the material. In the centre of the scene are a sofa and two armchairs in travertine, with tables and stools and a monumental bathtub in Verde Alpi that rises up from a continuous lithic surface. Digital images and poetic projections place the emphasis on the masterfully executed details and on the care taken over the workmanship. The suspended atmosphere invites us to grasp its contemporary beauty and ancient feeling. This installation marks a new beginning for NEUTRA, in the name of a renewed expressiveness in keeping with the spirit
of the time.



The NEUTRA collection expresses a new vision that goes beyond the traditional idea of a design object reinterpreted as a unique and valuable work of art. The new organic furnishings inhabit space like natural organisms designed to uphold cultural sustainability. This involves using natural materials and recovering and reusing to build furnishings designed to last. This translates into a daily dialogue with domestic architectures which are entrusted with family histories memories and legacies. The collection involves all home spaces, not only NEUTRA’s classic bathroom setting. This results in a fluid and integrated vision of all living environments.



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