01. Chapoget

The Cabin Trunk

Carry-on luxury luggage.

Redefining luxury luggage with an innovative concept that merges design, sustainability and the spirit of the golden age of travel.

CHAPOGET was founded by Thomas Chaperot, an executive in luxury with a background in engineering and a passion for the history of travel, and Pascal Nuzzo, a renowned designer of leather goods and travel accessories. Their shared mission is to bring back the excitement of travel, enriched with a long-lasting approach and timeless style. To this end, they have reinvented the carry-on suitcase for today’s travellers.

The shell is made of ingenious natural materials that not only provide a robust frame but are also uniquely sustainable and elegant. The design of the interior follows the golden principles of classical luggage with elegantly tailored, functional compartments. An exquisite object of design, this perfect travel companion inspires an exceptional experience for the business traveller, adventurer, or globe-trotter.


Born into a Franco-Italian family of artisans whose expertise in leather goods and accessories spans 4 generations, Pascal Nuzzo brings his unique heritage to design, elegantly blending tradition with modernity, creating refined luxury products with a twist. With an eye for detail, and vast experience with production processes and materials, his design is desirable, sustainable and visionary.

Thomas Chaperot and Pascal Nuzzo


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