Not a reversion to humankind’s origins but a celebration of them. Woak’s 2023 collections explore the enduring relationship between humans and nature through the most primordial element used to produce objects: wood. In this show the material is the protagonist and, in every piece, from the smallest to the largest, the designers have focused on highlighting its essence. Here, the strength, honesty and beauty of solid wood transforms everyday objects into visual reference points within an intimate interior. The objects are the result of continual experimentation that is transformed into fluid but precise forms. This visual language also shows a subtlety – or “subtilitas” as the Romans used to say – due to the technical finesse which defines all of Woak’s work.

/ àr o / studio

/ àr o/ studio was founded by Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini. Their aim is to convey a message through their own interpretation of design, translating it into forms that show their passion for research, design culture and materials. Their work is contaminated by individual experiences leading to experimentation with creative languages and product design.

àr_o_studio_Raquel and Andrea


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