07. Imbal Carton

I Love Carton - The Village

Creative vision and eco-design principles bridge the gap between worlds of design and cardboard. The idea was sparked by the eco-sustainable houses in Morocco that exploit Brunelleschi’s construction technology and the catenary numerical sequences. Cardboard can be used for engineering, architecture and mathematics. It is an iconic raw material that can be used in design, as a means of creation and customization.
The installation, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, is a space, a bookcase and an intimate refuge that adapts perfectly to any type of environment: institutional and public spaces, libraries, private homes and children’s rooms. A versatile item of furniture not only in terms of size and customizable options but also for its usability.
The project invites us to reflect on the future of an increasingly polluted planet, to help find a solution, to make an eco-sustainable choice with reduced impact on the environment.



Cristian Fracassi is a construction engineer and architect from Brescia, with a PhD in “Engineering Materials” and a master’s degree in “Economics and Business Development”. In 2014 he co-founded Isinnova, a research centre and ideas incubator and is also president of the the companies Pharmadome and Camelot. Cristin Fracassi is a Knight of the Republic of Italy and was awarded the Compasso D’Oro in 2022.

Cristian Fracassi


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