05. Dejana Kabiljo


There is no story here.

Stories are elsewhere: bombs, tanks, bitcoins, villains and heroes.

Here is only joy for this one life that we celebrate at long tables and extended dinners with family, friends and strangers.

The exhibition honours the fleeting moment with all the bounty it offers,

but it is also a thorough analysis of its fragility, the forces at work to keep it together and the efforts required for its balance.

In a radical act of reduction, some objects are destined to dissolve,

while others will end in shambles. Things can get messy, even broken.

There will be very little materiality but an awareness that

“an object of beauty is a joy forever”*,

figuring out what that might mean here and now.

*John Keats



Dejana Kabiljo,

a Viennese artist, architect and designer, works across a variety of disciplines.

She creates for all of us with weaknesses, bad habits and obsessions.

She plays with her own concepts of useful and useless, her objects being busy at times, often lazy, though, stretched in the sun just to be revered.

Operative functionality, or the intentional lack of it, is integrated into work as a poetic element, ignoring the preset categories.Consequently, materials get cooked, cast, bleached, blow-dried, curled, spilt, bent, weaved, melted and turned to gold until they fit into place.

Kabiljo exhibits in museums and galleries, but also obscure locations in Vienna, Milan, Florence, London, Split, Belgrade, Lausanne, Paris, St.Etienne, Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Moscow, New York, Tokyo and Beijing.

Dejana Kabiljo


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