11. Tonucci Collection


The exhibition presents the new pieces of the Tonuccidesign collection, all of which are out of the ordinary from the materials used to the designs to the bespoke craftsmanship.

Designed by Enrico and Viola Tonucci, the installation created by Tonuccidesign studio creates a relationship between the space and the elements in it, leaving room for reflection on the objects and their uses.

To this end, the armchair sits on the table, the sofa and the mirror look at each other from inside and outside the room, and visitors can absorb the essence of the exhibition by standing on a marble tray in the centre of the space.

To enter this special world of unique materials, values and emotions, the Tonuccis collaborated with well-known photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, who created the artwork featured on the giant modular screen that covers the wall on the right.



Our story is that of a company dedicated to the design and production of sustainable, high-quality hand-crafted furniture. Since 1970 we have provided a 360° consulting service to established national and international companies, as well as to start-ups in contemporary interior design. Enrico and Viola Tonucci are the creative directors of the company.

Tonucci Design, Enrico Tonucci / Viola Tonucci


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